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Proudly serving Hampton Roads home safety concerns for more than 20 years, this company is professionally certified, friendly, and respectful of our customers and their needs – and their wallets.

“I define business success in terms of home safety for my customers and providing security for my family – all with a smile and a thank you”. -Matt Watkins, Owner

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The scope of work performed in the inspection or evaluation of a fireplace, stove or other venting system had previously been left to the discretion of the chimney service technician. On January 13, 2000, the National Fire Protection Association adopted these levels of inspection


All our chimney cleanings include a standard level 1 inspection. Our company values you and your property. You will be impressed with how friendly, knowledgeable, and clean our technicians are! We perform a very clean service, placing drop cloths around our work area and


Many home owners do not realize they need to have a dryer vent cleaned. If your clothes take longer then one cycle to dry; you likely need to have your dryer vent cleaned. It is fairly common to have a customer referred to us


Chimney USA has seen and repaired nearly every imaginable chimney problem that you could encounter. Whether it is leaking chase covers or crowns to complete chimney rebuilds, Chimney USA can assist you with all your chimney needs. Our technicians are CSIA certified along with


your family




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My tenants and owners were super pleased with the technician that performed the work. Fast and affordable work with excellent customer service, characteristics I value in my line of business. I highly recommend Chimney USA for any and all chimney services needed!


Matt is extremely knowledgeable and trust worthy. He had an answer for every question I had, was professional and went above and beyond what I needed. Would highly recommend Chimney USA!


We were very pleased with the reasonable quote for the repairs and the completed job. I know he will do the same for you with the same excellent, friendly customer service. If you are interested in home improvements that include chimney services, I highly recommend this new business, Chimney USA!


Matt made an experience that I was not looking forward to pleasant and educational. I would highly recommend Chimney USA to anyone looking for a company that is professional, puts the experience of customer first, and is affordable.